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Deposit Photo 36971921

NEW! Post-birth Planning Workshop

Did you make a birth plan? Have you thought about your post-birth plan? It takes approximately 10 hours per day to take care of a newborn. Where will the time come from? How will you manage to get it all done: meals, errands, laundry, cleaning? When do you sleep? And what about maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner so that communication and intimacy doesn’t suffer. You will leave this workshop with practical tools so you have a successful transition in these early weeks of parenting.

Location: Sprout Birth Center 22725 44th Ave W suite #101 Mountlake Terrace WA 98043

Cost: $45 per couple

Becoming Us Prenatal Parents Program - "Parenthood is an Adventure. Embrace the journey - and each other" Elly Taylor

This program will prepare you for the adventure of parenthood and give you the tools you'll need to blaze a trail of bonding with your baby and each other.  Topics covered will help "baby-proof" your relationship. These include:                                                                                       

- Helpful vs. unhelpful expectations of life with baby
- How to cope during the many transitions to parenthood
- Adjusting to your "new normal"
- Learning how resolve conflict and grow together
- How to recognize secondary emotions
- A ready-made support system with each other
- Re-connecting along your trail
- Confidence knowing how to anticipate and manage challenges and when to reach out for help

Location: Sprout Birth Center 22725 44th Ave W suite #101 Mountlake Terrace WA 98043

Cost: $120 per couple

Class size is limited.


NEW! There's A Baby Sibling Preparation class

This 1 hour class was developed by Penny Simkin to prepare young children for the birth of a sibling. Topics are presented in a sensitive and age appropriate manner and include: pregnancy, birth (including the video "There's A Baby"), how newborns behave, and practice of holding a baby. The age recommendation is 2.5 - 6 years old with a parent in attendance. Special consideration can be given based on the child's attention span, interest, and ability to speak in sentences. Information is presented to the child with the parent listening in.

Location: Sprout Birth Center 22725 44th Ave W suite #101 Mountlake Terrace WA 98043  Instructor: Kathy Wilson Cost: $25 per child

Childbirth Educator

I currently teach class through Great Starts at Northwest Hospital and Medical Center. Classes included Childbirth Prep, Breastfeeding Basics. & Newborn Care. 

Private classes are available for $120 and a 3 hour minimum. Each additional hour is $40. The class can be tailored to meet your needs and only the topics that you want would be covered.

Certified CPR Instructor

I specialize in adult, infant/child CPR and Babysafe classes. Taking a CPR class will give you the skills and confidence to respond to emergency situations. I'm certified through the American Heart Assosiation and must re-certify every two years.  Contact me if you would like a class for your group or privately in your home.

I offer an Infant/Child CPR & First Aid class. In this class you will learn the skills you need to respond to emergency situations. This class is perfect for first timers, veteran parents, and grandparents. This class is not for CPR certification.  

Becoming a Family

The purpose of this class is to give new parents the information and tools needed to understand their newborn, respond in ways that promote bonding and enhance the parent/ child relationship, and reduce stress and anxiety in the postpartum period. Based on the H.U.G. Your Baby and Becoming Us programs.

Topics include:

1.         The three zones of the newborn and three signs of over-stimulation.

2.       Steps to calming their newborn.

3.       The differences between adult and newborn sleep.

4.         Steps to promote quality sleep.

5.       Identifying factors that can negatively impact sleep.

6.      The 4 basic sleep training methods explained.

This class is intended to be taken prenatally or within the first weeks after the birth of your baby.  Cost is $35 per person, $50 per couple. If you host a class in your home with 3 other couples, you get your class at a 50% discount!